international medals

2019 Canada Open Ontario SILVER

2019 Canada Open Quebec 78kg BRONZE

2018 Pan American Open Dominican Republic 78kg SILVER
2018 Canada Open Ontario 78kg SILVER
2017 AmCan International Judo Challenge 78kg GOLD
2017 Pan American Open Argentina 70kg SILVER
2017 Pan American Open Chile 70kg SILVER
2017 Pan American Open Peru 70kg BRONZE
2016 Dallas Invitational 70kg GOLD
2016 Asian Open Taipei 70kg SILVER
2016 Pan American Open El Salvador 70kg BRONZE
2016 US Open 70kg GOLD
2016 US Open 70kg GOLD
2014 IJF USA Cup 57kg Junior IJF GOLD
2014 IJF USA  Cup 57kg Cadets GOLD 
2014 IJF Puerto Rico World Cup 57kg Juniors SILVER 
2013 Australian Youth Olympics 57kg Juniors BRONZE 
2014 San Antonio Open 57kg GOLD
2014 San Antonio Open 57kg Junior IJF GOLD
2014 San Antonio Open 57kg Juniors GOLD
2013 San Antonio Open 57kg Juniors GOLD 


national medals

2019 US Nationals 78kg BRONZE

2018 US Nationals 78kg SILVER
2016 Scholastics Nationals 70kg Junior IJF GOLD
2016 President's Cup 70kg SILVER
2016 Senior Nationals 70kg BRONZE 
2015 President's Cup 70kg GOLD
2015 President's Cup 70kg Junior IJF BRONZE
2015 Scholastics Nationals 57kg Junior BRONZE
2014 Scholastics Nationals 57kg Junior BRONZE
2013 President's Cup 57kg BRONZE 
2013 President's Cup 57kg Junior SILVER
2013 USJA/USJF Junior Nationals 57kg Junior SILVER 
2013 Junior Olympics Internationals 57kg Junior GOLD 
2013 Junior Olympic National Championships 57kg Junior GOLD 


Regional medals

2019 Morris Cup 78kg+ GOLD

2019 Morris Cup 78kg GOLD

2019 Summer Slam 78kg GOLD

2019 Pedro Challenge 78kg SILVER 

2018 Morris Cup 78kg GOLD
2017 Morris Cup 70kg GOLD
2017 Morris Cup 78kg GOLD
2017 Morris Cup 78kg+ GOLD
2017 Morris Cup 70kg Junior GOLD
2017 Morris Cup 78kg Junior GOLD
2017 Morris Cup 78kg+ Junior GOLD
2017 Ocean State Championships 78kg GOLD
2016 Florida Team Championship 70kg GOLD
2015 Cherry Blossom 70kg Junior IJF GOLD 

2013 Midwestern Championships 57kg Junior GOLD
2013 Sunshine State Games 57kg Junior GOLD




2019 Steve Cohen Most Outstanding Female Award

2017 United States Judo Association Women of the Year
2017 The Irwin Cohen Most Outstanding Female Award
2014 Rusty Kanokogi Fund Recipient
2014 USA Judo Athlete of the Month
2014 Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year, award for development and improvement of athletic performance through strength and conditioning excellence, National Strength and Conditioning Association, Sponsored by Muscle Milk
2013 Female Best Technique Award - USA Judo Junior Olympic Championships
2013 Outstanding Judoka Junior Female - Florida Sports - Florida's Sunshine State Games



2018 Senior Pan American Team
2017 Senior Pan American Team
2017 Senior World Team
2017 Junior Pan American Team
2017 Junior World Team
2013 Australian Youth Olympic Team 

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